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50% off flights ! 75% off sale ! 85% discount ! Can you really believe these prices?  Not really, Of course, everyone wants the best air fairs to Sri Lanka when they are traveling for business or to see family and friends. Here is what you need to know to really get the best air fairs to Sri Lanka: Don't Listen to Fraudulent Advertising Getting 80% off sounds like a good deal, but a high percentage off of a high price can still mean you pay more. Furthermore, those over hyped enticements usually are

  • Overinflated prices.
  • Not refundable.
  • Bad flight times or long flights.
  • Only for business customers.

Strategies to Get the Best Air Fairs to Sri Lanka The truth? Having a travel agent compare airline prices is your best bet. Here are some tips:

  • Tuesdays are when most airlines release their sales prices.
  • Flying on Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Saturday can often get you the best price on your ticket.
  • Give your agent a range of dates if you are flexible.

Trust Your Travel Agent Trying to book on your own might seem the way to get the best deal but individual consumers don't have access to all of the best deals, or the best information about itineraries and flights. Chances are, on your own you can't get the best air fairs to Sri Lanka, but your travel agent can! Book Sooner, Not Later Did your travel agent find you amazing best air fairs to Sri Lanka? Don't think about it too long. Get back to the agent and let them know you are ready to book. If you think your plans might change, just be sure the tickets can either be refunded or changed. Even if you have change fees, a really great deal can still save you money.


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